Managing on Purpose
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What People Are Saying about Managing on Purpose

Jim Hall’s Managing On Purpose has been an excellent resource for our Student Affairs Division’s Professional Development Committee and for me as Dean at York College of Pennsylvania. His experience and keen insight have captured the key elements of managing successfully for positive results. This book clearly provides a ‘meaningful framework’ for directors, managers, and leaders in guiding their organizations to successful outcomes. To the determined and conscientious manager, results always matter!

—Joseph Merkle, Dean of Student Affairs
York College of Pennsylvania, York, PA

We use Managing on Purpose in our organization, Hanover Auto Team, whenever hiring or promoting a new manager. It will be the first book they read. The book is most useful as it deals with any issue that may come up in the daily life of a manager. Managing on Purpose is a playbook for any business to use in getting its management team on the same page.

—John J. Burdis, Owner/Principal
Hanover Auto Team, Hanover, PA

Very few business books introduce readers to the fundamental business management principles as well as Managing on Purpose. This book could be used as the textbook to teach managers, both new and seasoned, to increase their proficiency in day-to-day management. I recommend the book to all managers who have just joined the profession, as well as veteran leaders who need to sharpen their skills and re-learn some of the principles that have made them the managers they are today.

—Craig Minetola, CHMM, Vice President
AEG Environmental Products & Services, Inc., Westminster, MD

Managing On Purpose provides many straight-forward examples of business situations that assist us in recognizing deficiencies that we may have in our own businesses. This book is creative in the ways it makes those who manage and make decisions in a company think about the many aspects of keeping a business successful and pointing in the right direction. This book helps in identifying and overcoming the many hurdles of successful leadership. I have been able to use many of the thought provoking illustrations of the book to share with my member businesses.

—Jeff Palm, Executive Director
Mechanicsburg Chamber of Commerce, Mechanicsburg, PA

Having been in management for the past 25 plus years, I was enlightened by my recent reading of Managing on Purpose. It served as a reaffirmation for the things I know I’m supposed to be doing, but in which I have fallen somewhat short. The book reassured me of the importance of accentuating the individual capabilities of a diverse group of employees. It advises us that it is okay to be proactive in our management approach, and how we earn credibility by being consistent and steadfast. I particularly enjoyed re-evaluating myself when it comes to discipline, consequences and accountability of our personnel (Chapter 16), and realize those need to be applied in a professional, thoughtful and timely way. Thanks for the wakeup call!

—Steve Miller, Manager
Wetzel Funeral Home, Hanover, PA