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Hello, my name is Jim Hall, SPHR.

Primary among my qualifications to present my series of Management books to people is my experience as a managee. I’ve been managed by some real doozies, and also by some people for whom I’d run through a wall. In my books I distill out what the good managers appeared to know, what they knew how to do, and how they stayed out of trouble—with both the people who worked for them, and for whom they themselves worked.

Secondary among my qualifications is my experience as a manager. I advanced from teacher to department chair to area chairman in a large suburban high school. I advanced from HR generalist to HR manager to regional HR manager for a large corporation. Prior to my life in HR, my business partners in a training and development firm misguidedly elected me president and general manager of that firm. As a manager, I had both mild success and managed (pun intended) to make most of the mistakes managers as a species are prone to make. As an HR person, I’ve trod the uneasy ground between employees and those who manage them.

I have read books about management, and I’ve been certified to teach a whole batch of management development programs.  Wonderful books have been written. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits comes to mind as a general guide to being an acceptable human being. Jim Collins has taught us how to go from Good to Great. Aubrey Daniels has said all that can be said about positive reinforcement and performance management. In my own books I mine nuggets from all of these and other resources, hopefully making them even more useful to my own readers.

Thanks for your consideration. Feel free to contact me; I always want to hear the feedback you have to offer.